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Touch Teller

Touch Teller is the name of Marine FCU's audio response telephone system. This service allows you access to your Marine FCU account ... anytime ... from anywhere! At some time each day the system will be temporarily unavailable because of daily maintenance. A message will alert you to when this maintenance is occurring. Touch Teller access requires a true touch tone telephone and an authorization code. Upon calling any of the Touch Teller phone numbers, the computer will give you step-by-step instructions. To save time when you call, please be prepared with your account number and authorization code. Use Option 7 to change the code to any 4 digit code you choose. If you are a first time user, you must activate your Touch Teller access with the 4-digit code given to you by a Marine FCU representative. The 4-digit code is only good until 6am the following morning.  If you do not know your initial code, call our Member Resource Center at 910.577.7333 or 800.225.3967.

Touch Teller offers balance inquiries, deposit information, withdrawals by check payable to the first name on the account and mailed to the address in our computer system, line of credit advances, fund transfers, transaction histories and more!

Touch Teller Phone Numbers                              


** Refer to your account statement, in print or online, for your assigned Share ID codes.**

Touch Teller  Menu Options

Main Menu    1

Main Menu
To Check Account Balance  1
To Check History Inquiry  2
Withdrawals    3
Transfers    4
Checking Information   5
Loan Information   6
Additional Options   7
End Call    *

Balance Inquiry Menu
Savings Balance   1
Checking Balance   2
Share Balance    3
Loan Balance    4
Open Share List   5
Open Loan List   6
Share Bal. On Spec. Date  7
Loan Bal. On Spec. Date  8
Previous Menu   #
End Call    *

History Inquiry Menu
Last Deposit    1
Last Payroll Deposit   2
Share History    3
Loan History    4
Deposit History   5
Recent Transaction Activity  6
Previous Menu   #
End Call    *

Withdrawal Menu
Savings W/d    1
Checking W/d    2
Share W/d    3
Loan Advance    4
Previous Menu   #
End call    *


Transfer Menu
Savings to Checking Transfer  1
Checking to Savings Transfer  2
Share to Share Transfer  3
Loan to Savings Transfer  4
Loan to Checking Transfer   5
Loan to Share Transfer  6
Savings to Loan Transfer  7
Checking to Loan Transfer  8
Share to Loan Transfer  9
Previous Menu   #
End Call    *

Checking Info Menu
Checking Balance   1
Check Nbr Inquiry   2
Check History    3
Check Copy Request   4
Check Stop Payment   5
Check Ordering   6
Check Number Range   7
Previous Menu   #
End Call    *

Loan Info Menu 
Loan Balance    1
Open Loan List   2
Loan Payment Inquiry   3
Loan Payment History  4
Loan Payoff Amount   5
Loan Balance on Specific Date  6
Loan Advance Total   7
Previous Menu   #
End Call    *

Additional Options Menu
Year to Date Info   1
Change Preferences   2
Change Account   3
Previous Menu   #
End Call    *



Membership Booklet

Note: Disclosures are displayed in Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not currently have this application installed you can download a copy for free by going to Adobe's website


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